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About QuickTips

QuickTips is a new cashless way to send tips. We are about helping local hospitality staff, local clubs and local charities.

We saw there was a problem in the hospitality sector with staff struggling to receive cash tips. We had this problem ourselves when trying to give a tip after receiving good service in our local coffee shops. There was always the question being asked to the employee “are you receiving tips if I add it to the payment?” more often than not the answer was no. 
A new law passed in Ireland ensures employees are protected and have full access to their tips.

The new law will give employees a legal entitlement to receive tips and gratuities paid in electronic form and requires that this money should be paid to workers in a fair, transparent and equitable manner. QuickTips are helping coffee shops, pubs, restaurants and hotels provide a transparent tipping culture through our merchant business portal. 

From our early conversations and research with industry leaders, QuickTips was developed. We are also now working with local clubs and local charities to help them get over the loss of raising funds in a cashless society.

QuickTips is powered by Airwallex. We offer fast secure tipping for various environments.

For Business

QuickTips has been designed with full transparency in mind. For hospitality business owners, you can now manage your staff tips separate from your business. Digital tips stay away from your business cash flow or banking infrastructure. It is in Irish law now that all staff tips go directly to staff and that business owners are transparent in the way they collect tips on behalf of staff members.

Use our Merchant Portal to accept new staff members to your tipping campaign, see all transactions and distribute tips directly to your staff members bank.

QuickTips is powered by Airwallex, when you become a partner of QuickTips you will have full access to a suite of digital products from Airwallex.

For Workers

Cash is king, no longer and having the ability to receive tips is an important feature in hospitality. If you have given a good quality service, your customers will want to tip. This has been difficult over the last number of years. QuickTips gives workers the ability to receive tips direct to their bank.

A worker can have multiple positions in different businesses and be connected to more than one campaign at a time.

Through the QuickTips mobile application your worker can request to join multiple campaigns, and begin receiving appreciation.

For Tip Givers

QuickTips is the first platform where you can show your appreciation to your local café, tip your local club for those new jerseys and even tip your favourite charity.

  • Use your QR Code reader to scan a specific code and send a tip.
  • Download the app for future use, tip your local club and keep an eye
    on our charity of the month.
  • Keep track of your generosity over the year.

Download the app, join our community and keep an eye on our charity of the month. We are looking forward to being your tipping partner.